Wood Balustrades

We have experience in fabricating and installing all types of wood stairways and railings.
Numerous products and species to choose from, following are a few examples.

This beautiful latilla style guardrail suits this home perfectly.  Fabricated using
Pine 6" viga posts, 4"  jumbo latilla handrail and 3" latilla balusters.

This stairway is the same jumbo latilla style railing as featured above.  The viga posts have been fascia
mounted and a 2" diameter pine latilla wall rail was installed on closed side of stair for code purposes.

Another example of the jumbo Pine latilla style railing~clear coat finish.

This Cherry spiral staircase features fluted spindles and newel posts with handrail volute at stair entry.

This stair features stain grade newel posts, handrail, tread and riser end caps
and shoe board with paint grade balusters, stair skirting and fascia board.

Stair features beautiful hickory treads and risers with latilla style handrail and wood brackets.

Pine Latilla balustrade with 6" viga posts, 3" latilla handrail and 2" latilla balusters.  

Pine latilla syle balustrade with 3 1/2" S4S pine newel posts, 3" latilla handrail
on second level, 2" latilla handrail on stairway with 2" latilla baluster infill.

This stairway features Red Oak treads, risers, balusters and
handrail.  Treads have mitered returns on open side of stairway.

Birds eye view of the Red oak treads as listed above
illustrating the continuous rail required by code.

This craftsman style stair features a 3" S4S Red Oak newel, handrail, pony
wall cap, shoe rail, and tread with paint grade balusters, skirting and risers.