Spiral Stairs

Our all welded steel spiral stairs can be used for interior or exterior applications.  
Choose from a variety of designs and finishes, following are a few examples

Standard exterior spiral stair with optional gate~painted to match stucco.

Standard exterior steel spiral stair with expanded metal treads.  Featuring
belly style deck railing with hammered top and bottom railing~Painted black.

Contemporary interior steel spiral stair and deck railing with wire mesh infill.  
Two tone painted finish.

Custom interior spiral stair with wire mesh infill and bar grate treads.  
Handrail is painted a different color then the rest the stair and railing.

Exterior spiral stair painted to match the stucco.  Features standard
vertical balustrade with upgraded deck plate tread surface.

Exterior spiral stair with deck plate tread surface.

Contemporary interior spiral stair with 8-line horizontal
infill and herring bone style Red Oak wood treads

Interior spiral stairway with 8-line horizontal design
featuring 3/4" tubing infill and Red Oak treads.

Exterior spiral stair with intermediate landing.  Guardrails featuring basket
accents with added belly design at deck railing~ Painted finish

This standard spiral stair with expanded metal treads and vertical balusters looks great
combined with the contemporary 8-line horizontal deck railing~Painted finish

Fabricated for a Santa Fe Fire Station this interior steel spiral stair features
deck plate treads and riser with standard guardrail~Painted black.

Interior circular stairway featuring wood treads and handrail